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At Sea

November 3rd, 2015 · 1 Comment

We departed Sydney on Monday evening. It’s now Wednesday afternoon, and we are still sailing north-east on our way to New Caledonia and neighboring islands. We should arrive at the Isle of Pines tomorrow morning, an island named by the famous Captain James Cook because of the pine forests that grow in the islands. There was some rain yesterday, but today is mostly clear, with just a few clouds on the horizon. The sea is very calm; not glassy but very smooth. We can only feel very little rocking of the ship.

Gisele is sick. She woke up vomiting this morning at 3:00am, and went to see the ship’s doctor after they opened at 8:00 am. No fever, BP normal, and they gave her Imodium and anti-nausea medication. She is quarantined to the stateroom for at least 24 hours, though they want her symptom free for that long before they will let her off the ship. They diagnosed a simple “stomach flu”, viral GI infection. Looks like she may miss the Isle of Pines, though she may get released by the afternoon of our visit there if she improves soon.

While boarding the ship, the x-ray scan detected my satellite phone, walky-talkies and Leatherman “multi-tool”, and all were confiscated. After consulting with the captain, all were returned the next day except the satellite phone, which they said could interfere with ship communications. I asked if I could have it back for shore excursions, and they promised to consider it. We’ll see, somehow I’m doubtful that they will have a way to release it to me, and then ensure it gets back when I reboard.

*Update: They did release the satellite phone to me each time I went ashore, and I was able to use it a few times for phone calls and emails.

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  • 1 Dale // Nov 5, 2015 at 8:34 am

    Did you get a list of things that you were not allowed to bring on the ship?

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