Gisele Lafferty in Paris 2002


This is the studio that I stayed in this trip.  It is located in an “old” area of Paris, and close to the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.  Angela, my sister is sitting on the bed.


Well, this couch was my bed.  You can tell our landlady loves to play with color.


Jardin des Tuileries

My friend Josephine ( 妁芬).


We found the tomb of Frederic Chopin in the cemetery Pere-Lachaise.


Lunch with old friend Kien Luan and Jacque (her friend)and my sister Angela.




The Thinker in the garden of Rodin Musium.

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This is my sister Angela with whom I traveled.


Le Sacre-Coeur – Montmartre



A beautiful sculpture inside Louvre


Up in the way to the top of Notre Dame de Paris.  You can see a gargoyle behind me.

爬上巴黎聖母院 的鐘樓 與怪物合照.


 Last night in Paris.  Angela and me.

二姊與我在巴黎的最後一晚, 心理有點兒依依不捨.