Summer of 2000


This is the largest current construction project in the world the dam across the Yangtze River.



On the cruise ship, entering one of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River on a foggy morning.



Gisele had a birthday while we were on the cruise ship. She declined the song but accepted the cake. The food and service on the cruise were excellent, and the cruise was a welcome break from the hectic city-a-day tour.



Devon, standing in front of the famous Terra Cotta statues at Wu Han.



Derek sneaks inside the Forbidden City, along with a few thousand other people.



The Great Wall snakes up the hill behind us on a rainy day.



On the canals of Sujou, near Shanghai. Sujou is famed for its lovely temples, silk and women.



On the streets of Taipei. Note the McDonalds and the 7-11. Note also the family of 4 on a motor scooter one child in front of the father and one between the father and mother.