Here are some pictures of our

2002 Trip to China


The women, in TianAnMen Square, in Beijing.

Lisa, Mandy, Maria-Jesus, the guide, Gisele, Ely, and Wendy.


The men, also in TianAnMen Square.

Derek, Devon, Alex, Harry, David, Oscar, Danny and Daryl


Gisele and Maria listen, while David takes pictures.



"Danny, move to the left a little more..."

Oscar, Ely and Danny



Lisa, Danny, David, Maria, Mandy and Devon inside the Forbidden City.



The young men set out to climb the Great Wall.



It's a harder climb than we thought, and there's still a long way to go!



Finally, after a gain of elevation of about 2000 feet, Alex and Derek look down from top.



"Mandy, move a little to the right"

(On the city wall of Xian).



"Yes, yes, top quality, and special price just for you!"

Ely, Gisele and Wendy are fascinated.



"Do you think she'll like this?"

Derek, Alex, Devon, Danny and Mandy do a little shopping too.



Gisele found a deck chair as we enter the gorges of the Yangzi River on the cruise.

The rain soon sent everyone scurrying inside.



On a side trip to the Three Lesser Gorges

Gisele, Lisa and Mandy



It stopped raining; open the top and take some pictures!



A scale model of the new Dam on the Yangzi river. The real one is over a mile across.

It was raining too much to get pictures outside.



The following sequence shows the lock draining as we sail past the Dam.




We were looking DOWN on that sidewalk a few minutes ago!



Maria, David, Alex and Derek enjoy the acrobat show.



Devon learns some "folk dancing" at a stop along the river.



Dinner was the highlight of most days. This was the adult's table. Clockwise from front left:

David, Maria, Gisele, Daryl, Oscar, Ely, Lin, Wendy and Harry.



The young lady on the stern not only propelled the boat, she also sang folk songs for us.

This was on a lake near Nanjing.



Devon was enjoying the boat ride.



"Not for all the Tea in China" takes on a new meaning when you see it covering terraced hills and fields.

This was near Nanjing.



Our guide shows us tea leaves growing in the fields.

They gave us the opportunity to buy some later on.



Alex, Derek and Devon's shoulder enjoy a shuttle-train ride through the shopping district in Shanghai.



In Shanghai, looking across the river to Pudong district on our last night together in China.

I think Shanghai is architecturally the most modern city in the world.