Brian's Wedding


Mr. & Mrs. Brian Reed

October 4, 1997


Brian and Donna before the ceremony.


Brian and his parents


Brian and Carrie after the ceremony


The wedding party


Brian with his sister, Robin, and her husband, Ken


From L to R: Don Lafferty, Daryl Lafferty, Heather Lafferty, Betty Lafferty, Gisele Lafferty, Devon Lafferty, Donald Lafferty, Eloise Lafferty, Carrie (Shockley) Reed, Brian Reed, Donna Reed, Derek Lafferty, Robin Holsinger, Dayna Jennings, Deidra Jennings, Ken Holsinger, Dominic Jennings, Chris Jennings, Dianna Lafferty, Richard Lafferty

Cutting the cake (before the frosting went on the noses!)